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Inventor Top Down Modelling | Master Sketch | Autodesk Training  

Inventor Top Down Modelling

1 day course

This course requires a minimum of 2 delegates in order to commence

Prerequisite: Inventor Part 1 and Inventor Part 2


This advanced modelling techniques course explores the concept of Top Down or Master Sketch Modelling. This can be a very powerful way of creating robust, flexible assemblies without the overheads of other modelling techniques such as adaptivity or cross part relationships. If you are receiving frequent visits from the Design Doctor then this course is a must for you.

Course outline

  • Exploring the Principals of Skeletal Modelling
  • Why skeletal modelling?
  • Pure skeletal modelling – sketches
  • Working with bodies, surfaces and sketches
  • Master parameter modelling
  • Using master sketch modelling to create sheet metal parts
  • Minimising the Trickle Effect
  • Exporting Objects
  • Sketch visibility / properties
  • Skeletal modelling tips and tricks

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